Air Force1 Golden Patch Work releasing in Japan on January 6th.


クリスチアーノロナウドが手がけるAir Force1が近々発売するされることが明らかになった。幼少期にロナウドがサッカー用のスニーカーに穴を開ける度に母がパッチを貼ってくれたインスパイアされたという同モデル。ホワイトのAir Force1にゴールドのアクセントが輝く同モデルは、ヨーロッパのNike SNKRSにて12/7より発売。国内での販売情報は未定となっている。

1/6 9AMよりNike SNKRSにて発売。


Nike will release Air Force1 Golden Patch designed by Cristiano Ronaldo. It is inspired by his old soccer shoes which ended up with holes thanks to the endless amount of time he spent on the pitch. Each time he’d wear a new hole in his shoes, his mother would patch it up, allowing him to get back out to hone his skills. It features white Air force1 with gold accents. Air Force1Golden Patch will be available in EU on December 7th at Nike SNKRS.

Releasing in Japan on January 6th. Other country might releasing soon. Stay tuned for more updates.(Updates Dec 21)

Release Date:December 7th 15:00 GMT



Pics Via,Nike


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