Louis Vuitton ZigZag sneaker.


Virgilが就任し注目を浴びるLouis Vuittonより新作となるスニーカーがリーク。ZigZagと呼ばれる同モデルは、UnderArmourのOsiris D3を彷彿とさせるデザイン。2018AWのモデルと思われるが今のところ詳細は未定。また情報が入り次第、更新致します。


Virgil has unveiled his Louis Vuitton 2019ss collection at PFW last month. He also unveiled Jordan inspired sneaker at runway, but it seems like Osiris D3 inspired sneakers will be available before them. This ZigZag sneakers could be part of 2018FW collection. Stay tuned for more updates.




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