doublet 2018AW Collection.


デザイナーの井野氏が先日LVMHを受賞、またTravis Scottがライブ、そして私服で着用するなど国内外で注目を浴びるブランドdoubletの2018秋冬コレクションが海外にて発売開始。Doubletらしいパッチワークや細かな加工が今季も満載、国内でも近々展開されるのでは?


Doublet released their 2018 AW collection. The designer Ino just got LVMH prize this year.Doublet founded in 2012 in Japan and being loved by famous artist such as Travis Scott,Lil Uzi Vert,Kendall Jenner and Ty Dolla $ign. Check out doublet 2018 AW collection and you can purchase their new collection at 017 Online.


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