Diesel The Second Wednesday in July.


VFILESは、若手のデザイナーBandulu、Eric Lawrence、Menyelek、OBLANCによってDieselのシルエットを再考したコレクション The Second Wednesday in Julyを発売。コレクションは、解体再構築風のデザインが施されたジャケット、ジーンズ、ショートパンツ、Tシャツなどを展開。



VFILES has teamed up with Diesel to reimagine Diesel silhouettes by emerging designers from the VFILES community, Bandulu, Eric Lawrence, Menyelek, and OBLANC. This collection is titled The Second Wednesday in July and it includes Encompassing jackets, jeans, shorts, tees, accessories, and more. This collections are available at VFILES and their Online.





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