Moncler 2019 Genius Spring Summer Collection.


Monclerは昨年、世界中からクリエイターを集った新たなプロジェクトMoncler Geniusを開始、今期は、Simone Rocha、Craig Green、NOIR KEI NINOMIYAの二宮啓、FRAGMENT DESIGNの藤原ヒロシ、そしてMONCLER 1952のチームという、5組とのクリエイションを行うようだ。下記よりLook Bookをご覧頂きたい。


Moncler started Moncler Genius which is collaborating line with cheaters world wide. This year they are collaborating with Simone Rocha,Craig Green,NOIR KEI NINOMIYA,FRAGMENT DESIGN and Moncler 1952. Check out look book from below.


Moncler Fragment Design

Moncler Craig Green


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