Marine Serre shared behind the seen of their production.


English follows Japanese.

Marine SerreがREGENERATEDと名づけられた制作の裏側を公開した。驚くことに彼女のコレクションの多くは、リサイクルプロダクトで90年代のアメリカ製デニムや70年代から80年代のインテリア生地、シルクのスカーフやデッドストックのレザーなどを使用している。世界で注目される彼女のプロダクションは、YouTubeでご覧頂きたい。


Marine Serre has unveiled installment at their YouTube. It is titled REGENERATED which features six short films that take viewers behind the scenes of the their production. Serre says Recently, we started working with new suppliers that are sorting end of cycle garments and they are using machines that recognize the fibers of the fabric and select what is cotton, not cotton, etc. The only thing the machines do not recognize and sort out directly is mixed fibers, so this automatically allows us to work only with good quality materials. Check out their YouTube for full story.



Pics via,Marine Serre