Martin Rose×LN-CC Late Night Conscious Campaign available now.


English follows Japanese.

ロンドンを拠点とするセレクトショップLN-CCがMartin Roseとタッグを組み Late Night Conscious Campaignを発売。コレクションは、廃棄物をテーマにMartin Roseのデッドストックの生地や切り捨てられた生地をパッチワークしてプロダクトを展開。Late Night Concious CampignはOnlineにて発売中。


London-based retailer LN-CC has released the capsule collection with Martin Rose and titled Late Night Conscious Campaign. This collection themed around waste and all of the pieces are constructed from deadstock fabrics and off cuts from Martine Rose’s studio, with a patchwork aesthetic running throughout. It includes patchwork shirt, hoodie, pants and more. Late Night Conscious Campaign collection is available now at LN-CC Online.



Pics via,LN-CC