Prada is auctioning their runway piece.


English follows Japanese.



PRADA × Sotheby’s “Tools of Memory” celebrates the importance of design across art and fashion today. PRADA’s universe of understated luxury and transformative fashion will be showcased through an auction of Fall/Winter 2020 fashion items, photographic prints, show invitations and pieces drawn from the runway décor. The garments are one of a kind, worn by models during each fashion show, immortalizing the backstage process and on-stage performance. “Tools of Memory” honours Miuccia Prada’s unique position within the house of PRADA, in which she redefined the world of fashion through design, art, architecture and how we understand luxury today.  Proceeds generated will be donated to benefit UNESCO educational projects, expanding inclusion in education for vulnerable populations across the globe. Details of items will be unveiled over the coming months. The auction will launch on October 2nd, with a small number of items being unveiled on Sotheby’s website from July 20th.



Pics via, Sotheby’s