Jean-Michel Basquiat virtual tour.


昨年ニューヨーク州でThe Brant Foundationが開催したJean-Michel Basquiatアート展がバーチャルツアーを開催。昨年日本でも開催され大盛況だったバスキア展だが今回のアート展では、1980年から1987年にかけてのバスキアのアート約70点を公開。興味がある方はこちらからバーチャルツアーに参加して頂きたい。


Last year, The Brant Foundation in New York City’s East Village opened with a monumental exhibition on Jean-Michel Basquiat. The show brought almost 70arts by Basquiat created from 1980 to 1987. Now, the foundation is providing a new virtual tour of the influential exhibition, allowing viewers to explore all four floors of the show and digitally view some of Basquiat’s most important works. The exhibition includes two head paintings from 1981 and 1982, as well as the multi paneled Grillo from 1984, Arroz con Pollo from 1981 and Price of Gasoline in the Third World  from 1982. Check out their website.




Pics via, The Brant Foundation