Readymade Weekend bag available now.


English follows Japanese.

日本を代表するブランドの一つReadymadeより最新作となるWeekend Bagが発売された。同モデルは、Tiffanyを連想させる爽やかなカラーリングとロゴが特徴のプロダクトでReadymadeを象徴するビンテージの生地がボディには採用されている。同アイテムは、FeatureなどのReadymade取扱店で発売中。


Japanese brand Readymade just released weekend bag. READYMADE was created in 2013 as the vision of designer Yuta Hosokawa. The brand’s theme was world peace. By upcycling military materials, Hosokawa thought turning items used for violence and death into items for pleasure would convey his wish for an end to all war. It features readymade’s signature vintage material with Tiffany inspired accents. This product is available now at select retailer like Feature.