Fear of God Seventh Collection.


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Jerry Lorenzoが手掛けるFear of Godより新作となる7th Collectionが公開。新作は、フォーマルなテーラードと高級感のあるデイリーウェアをMix。また今年、100周年を迎えたNegro Leagueへと敬意を払ったものでBaseballモチーフのアイテムもいくつか登場している。下記よりコレクションをご覧頂きたい。


Jerry Lorenzo has unveiled his Fear of God Seventh Collection. New collection features classic tailoring, military inspired clothes, leather goods, daily clothes like knit, shirt, denim, t-shirt and headgears. Lorenzo paying tribute to the history of the Negro Leagues, which earlier this year marked the 100th anniversary of its formation. Check out look book below.




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