1017 ALYX 9SM×Moncler available for pre order.


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Moncler Geniusが2020年のラインナップを公開。今回は、fragment designやCraig green、1017 Alyx 9SMに加えてJW AndersonやRIMOWA、そしてMATE MIKEなどが含まれる。コレクションは、2月19日に公開予定。


Craig Green×Moncler Geniusが8/5より発売。(8/5更新)

Moncler×Chuck Taylorが10/1発売。(9/20更新)

Moncler×Rick OwensがOnlineにて発売中。(10/24更新)

Moncler×1017 ALYX 9SMがOnlineにてプレオーダー開始、12/3より取扱店にて発売開始。(11/2更新)


Moncler has unveiled their Moncler genius 2020 line up. This collaboration line includes Hiroshi Fujiwara’s fragment design, CRAIG GREEN, 1017 ALYX 9SM and SIMONE ROCHA. They also adding new brands such as JW ANDERSON, RIMOWA and MATE BIKE. Their whole collection will be unveiled on February 19th.

fragment×Moncler releasing on July 2nd.(Updates June 28th)

Moncler Genius×Craig Green releasing on August 5th.(Updates August 5th)

Moncler×JW Anderson releasing on October 1st.(Updates September 20th)

Moncler×Rick Owens available at online.(Updates October 23rd)

Moncler×1017 ALYX 9SM available for pre order at their online. This collection will be available at select retailers and boutiques on December 3rd.(Updates December 1st)



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