Issey Miyake 2021ss TO GO series available now.


English follows Japanese.

ISSEY MIYAKEより新シリーズ “TO GO”が登場。ISSEY MIYAKEは、2021年春夏コレクションのテーマに“UNPACK THE COMPACT”を掲げており、その中でも“TO GO”は“着る/畳む/運ぶ”という一連のサイクルに着想し機能性を求めたシリーズで、コート2型とパンツ1型を展開。同コレクションは、ISSEY MIYAKEの店舗にて発売中。


ISSEY MIYAKE released capsule collection for they Spring Summer 2021 Collection. It is named TO GO and consist of packable garments. It including two coats, a skirt, pants and dress, from a bespoke polyester that’s crisp, lightweight and breathable. Ths brand cites a design ethos of “wear→fold→carry” which highlights the utilitarian nature of the apparel, which all resists water and wrinkling with ease. Contrast piping and generous cuts promise comfort even amidst warm weather, while thoughtful touches like carrying straps that carry over from bag to coat ensure bolstered versatility. This collection is available at ISSEY MIYAKE boutiques.



Pics via, Issey Miyake