SEEKINGS First Collection available now.


English follows Japanese.

Kanye Westが率いるクリエイティブエージェンシーDONDA出身のMark Seekingsが手がけるSEEKINGSがファーストコレクションをローンチ。


VirgilやMatthewなどDONDA出身のクリエイターがメゾンで活躍するだけに今後が楽しみな人物だ。SEEKINGS ファーストコレクションはこちらからチェックして頂きたい。


SEEKINGS by Mark Seekings from the creative agency DONDA led by Kanye West has launched the first collection.

In the first collection, which is a classic wardrobe made from the fabrics that you love, with the highest quality, you can find denim, jackets, T-shirts, hoodies, and caps made in Japan.

Creators from DONDA such as Virgil and Matthew are working at the Maison. Check out the SEEKINGS First Collection here.